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Canceling a lease with a 30 day notice?

A user of the site posted this question on their activity feed.  I'm moving it here on behalf of the user who resides in Michigan:

Gave 30 day notice to landlordto move and he has informed us that we have to continue to pay his lease
until January 1,2013; Per our 2 year rental agreement.

Is this correct or is my 30 day letter sufficient??

When we moved in we paid 1st month, l


30 day notice to quit
canceling rental contract
asked 10/29/2012

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Yes!  You are in the right.  A well-written 30-day letter of intent to not honor a bonafide contract is more than sufficient.  Your landlord has no authority to make you continue to honor your contract and he has no recourse to sue you in court and win.  In fact, a well-written letter is enough to cancel any contract.  I plan to do that with my automobile next month and perhaps my home.  Neither bank will have any stand whatsoever to come after me and if they do, they will lose because I will submit as evidence, my well-written 30-day notice.


answered 10/31/2012 akerensky 17

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