Tuesday, December 01, 2015

When the rent stops coming in and tenants are contacted, landlords are often treated to one excuse or the other as reasons for not paying rent.  Some of these excuses why the tenant is late on rent is comical while other excuses for not paying rent is just plain sad.  The next time your tenant decides to not pay rent and gives you a keeper excuse, first get your eviction started then share it with your fellow landlords!


Landlord: dan g
Posted at: 02/01/2013 08:41:00
From: columbus,oh
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Tenant Excuse: Rent was late and went to collect in person. Tenant told me the niece they were watching was in hospital in ICU. I offered my sympathies, turned to leave, and heard baby cry.
Landlord Comment: She got me with that one but i got her better by sending a "get well" card with an enviction notice inside it.

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