Who are we?

In the fall of 2006, we purchased some rental properties with the hopes of many would-be landlords.  We hoped to find quality renters to put in the home, help them start or maintain solid credit, and eventually sell the home to them. 

Since the summer of 2007, that dream all but vanished.  The perfect storm of runaway property taxation, downturn in the housing sector, downturn in the economy, and a worsening of an already questionable neighborhood where the rental resides helped to turn my dream into a nightmare. 

The biggest problem was our pool of quality renters dried up.  Often we are forced to either chose to let a rental go unoccupied or pick the best of the worst candidates to put in a rental.

How often have I wondered about a way to be warned about such candidates from prior landlords before engaging them.

We strive to make this site the biggest clearing house of renter reviews and a repository of information to help landlords and apartment managers alike make better decisions about who and how they rent to.