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Seattle takes right to choose from landlords!

A sleeze ball and trashy renter comes to your unit and qualifies.  Do you bypass him/her in lieu of someone who is not-so-trashy?  In Seattle you will choose the first qualified renter!

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Oregon tells landlords to go to hell!

Oregon landlords need to keep their eyes open.  Under proposed legislation, things will get even more tough than it is now to be a landlord!  Imagine your expenses going up and your having to raise your tenant's rent.  The tenants refuse and decide to move.  Under proposed legislation, you as the landlord will be on the hook for paying relocation expenses!

What outrage!

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Renter Deposits

Your tenants have broken their lease.  They're in the wind, owe you a few months rent, and left you a mess to clean up.  It's okay!  You have the renter deposit and can use it!  Or can you.  Read About Renter Deposits!

Tenant Screening The Right Way

Would you rush out to buy a new auto based off your gut instinct and the auto salesman's presentation?  Would you go into a store to buy a new HD TV based off its appearance and in-store behavior alone?  If your dish washer breaks down would you run to the local big box home improvement store and buy one based off what the clerk tells you?

Of course not!  The wise person would do some research first that consisted of, among other things, consumer reviews!  It pays to read multiple reviews of disparate sources to help you form your opinion on products and services.  Such opinions prove to be very accurate when taken in bulk.  The more opinions, the more accurate view you will get.  Even if there are only a few reviews you can know that at least a single or several consumers had a problem or were delighted with their experience.

Why is there no such system for renters?  There are for pay tenant screening sites but renter screening sites only tell you the financial and criminal history of tenants you want to screen.  Why take a chance on how the renter presented themselves and tenant screening services. Sometimes credit scores and criminal activity reports don't tell the entire story. 

Don't let your default background screening or tenant screening check be the sole landlord resource you use.  Use our renter database to see if anyone else has encountered your tenant. Add your own renter information to our database so other landlords can use it as a tool in tenant background checks.

Landlord Toolkits also provides a landlord-driven database of forms and documents including renter application, tenant application, and landlord lease forms.  Use this information in conjunction with your tenant screening to make your decision.

Landlord help is on the way!  Start arming yourself right now by registering for free!

Excuses! Excuses!

We've all heard the excuses of why the rent cannot be paid.  Now share them with others by visiting our Excuse page.

Would you sue the tenants who did this?
graphitti in room

Sooner or later, as a landlord, you will have to file a lawsuit against a tenant. It's not "if" but "when." I've done it several times before. Follow me as I dissect the steps leading up to my landlord lawsuit

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